Hawaiin Springs Water

Our mission is to manufacture and market the world’s finest natural water from one of the most pristine sources on earth for consumer enjoyment worldwide. Throughout we are dedicated to maintaining unparalleled quality in every aspect of our business while providing a safe and rewarding career for our employees.

Cloud Water

Locally sourced and bottled in Southern California – Cloud water will be fresher than other water that has to travel thousands of miles on ships in very hot conditions. Our spring source is located 1,375ft above sea level, protected from any and all harmful pollutants. No bottling plant can be built at the source because the location is too mountainous.

Ice Age Glacial Water

As water of unmatched purity cascades from the edges of the towering and ancient glaciers in the Toba Inlet deep in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, we collect it. Capturing and bottling the water as it naturally melts and flows allows us to enjoy the pure glacial taste without disrupting the water table. Purity unlike any other, collected naturally for a taste of the glaciers

AQUA Carpatica

At AQUA Carpatica we use state-of-art, environmentally friendly technology to responsibly source our waters. We work directly with local authorities to enforce an environmental protection plan, ensuring that the land surrounding the springs is not influenced by any industrial activity or pollution.

Kristian Regále

At Kristian Regále, we have our Swedish ancestors to thank for the use of only the finest all natural ingredients. If you notice, we use as few ingredients as possible in every bottle of Kristian Regále. It was their philosophy then, and our belief now that at the end of the day it is our job to bring you something that’s not only good, but also good for you. Traditionally speaking, we hope you enjoy the crisp refreshing taste of Kristian Regále as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.