Organic & All Natural

Organic & All Natural


Mementa is experienced in sourcing the finest ingredients throughout the world. For nearly three decades, we have uncovered the most fruitful regions to deliver quality foods and beverages with naturally distinctive taste.

International Harvest

From our humble beginnings as a single product company, International Harvest has since evolved into a leading purveyor and environmental steward of the finest organic superfoods and snacks from around the world. We recognize that our food choices have a significant impact on our health, culture, environment, and local and global economies. That’s why we procure only the best quality products sourced from all over the world — cultivating alliances with farmers and manufacturers that promote environmental sustainability and health for all people.

Spark Organic

The goal was to develop the tastiest fruit chews using real fruit. Unlike other snacks out there, our chews taste like real fruit because that’s what they’re made of! Together we are reclaiming the quality and flavor of food by using only the highest quality organic ingredients.

Powbab Superfoods

powbab® is not just any other business, but is a reflection of recovery and passion from living out the belief of whole eating and living. Recovery is never a given, but through knowledge and holistic understanding of how to eat, sleep, think, and exercise, the chance of feeling great everyday is possible!

Emmy's Organics

Emmy’s is a homegrown, family-oriented company, committed to spreading the good word about healthy snacking as well as social and environmental responsibility. Emmy’s B Corp Certification also shows the company’s strong passion for using business as a force for good.

Heavenly Organics

Heavenly Organic’s revolutionary business model is transforming lives, preserving bees and protecting the environment. Watch our story and learn how we bring you perfectly pure, 100% organic, wild, raw honey while preserving peace at the source.

Yum Earth

In 2007, YumEarth was just two dads on a mission to bring something sweet and simple into the world. And ten years later, that’s grown bigger than we could ever have imagined. But the larger we grow, the more we strive to use the most honest ingredients, provide the best value for fans, and develop new and delicious products based on our own principles AND on our customer’s feedback. Speaking of which, we always love to hear from you with suggestions on how we can improve and extend our happy family of tasty treats!